Streaming tv online live football broadcast around the world

Posted by Suwardi lhi on Sunday, April 6, 2014

Streaming tv online live broadcast football in particular it is always in search and in waiting, because it did not pay too much tv due to its expensive dues and not always on watch at all times.  
Therefore readers are surely smart in tackling it in order not to extort money every month, that is by using the internet service for free just pay the low cost of the Internet course can diwarnet or at home.  
Football is a sport that is very popular throughout the world, especially the world cup. Through the internet you can watch the game either free or paid. If you want to watch live on your favorite teams who are fighting? what and where sites are able to present the game!  
Here goes the list of channels broadcasting live football online world (Channel Live Footbaal). Watch football live online streaming free! Yeah, pay also means, pay toll Internet, pay-cafe, or subscription Channel. 

1.     ATDee.Net
2.     Atdhe
3.     VIPBOX Sports
4.     Stream Hunter
5.     CastAlba.TV
6.     Bein Sport Live Streaming
7.     ESPN
8.     MIVO – Live Streaming TV Indonesia

 We are sorry , please note that we do not have any relationship with the above channels.
Hopefully useful and add value for you.
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What Causes Car Engine Too Hot ( Overheating ) ?

Posted by Suwardi lhi on Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Machine works generate mechanical energy and heat . This mechanical energy moving engine components thereby increasing the heat generated machine .The machine consists of a variety of engine components and supporting components that have different resistance to heat . Therefore, the engine temperature must be maintained at a certain level to keep the engine parts and other components from being damaged .Car engines have a mechanism to maintain the temperature of the engine by removing the engine heat out ( to the environment ) . If the mechanism for maintaining the temperature of the machine is not functioning properly , then the machine will be too hot ( overheating ) which is very harmful to the engine . There are several common causes of overheating .
1 . damage ThermostatsThe thermostat is a switch that works based on the temperature level . If the engine temperature is too high this switch will open the coolant flow valve ( coolant ) from the radiator . This cooling will take the heat ( heat ) from the machine and throw it out the machine . If the thermostat is faulty valve in the closed position then there is no flow of hot engine coolant to take the engine temperature rises.
2 . Damage to Radiator Water PumpWater cooler ( radiator water ) flows through the engine using a water pump . If the pump is not working , then there is no flow of coolant into the engine to remove heat engine . This will make the engine temperature to rise.
3 . Radiator Not Optimal FunctioningThe radiator is a cooling water reservoir tank where the heat extracted from discarded machines through the radiator fins . If the flow in the radiator or heat transfer jammed in the radiator is not optimal due to rust or scale , then the engine temperature will rise .
4 . Radiator Fan Not WorkingServes as a radiator fan blower for the radiator fins to dissipate heat by convection radiator . If the fan is spinning too slowly die or the hot exhaust air to the outside is not effective , so the engine temperature rises.
5 . Water Radiator LessCalculated volume of cooling water as needed to remove heat radiator with a certain capacity . If the cooling water is less ( due to leaking or other reasons ) the less heat that can be drawn from the engine to the radiator dumped , so the engine temperature to rise.
6 . Radiator cap DamagedAside from being the stopper cover , radiator cap functions as a cooling system pressure regulator . At high pressure , the cooling water boils at a high temperature as well . If Close radiator can not maintain high pressure , the cooling water will boil . This leads to reduced heat transfer capability can reduce the cooling water and cooling water .
7 . Engine Oil LessThe oil acts as a lubricant that reduces friction between moving engine parts . If the engine oil is less ( due to leaking or other reasons ) it will increase the friction between moving engine components thereby increasing the temperature of the engine .
8 . damage machineIf there are moving parts damaged or deformed ( change in shape ) , he can make friction with other components that generate additional heat rough on the machine . This effect is similar to the effect of less engine oil could be even more severe .
9 . Working Too Heavy Machinery ( overworking )If the car through the streets carrying heavy loads uphill or pulling other vehicles are much heavier than the weight of the car towing , the engine RPM will be very high . The more weight , the more work the engine heat from the machine . Engine cooling system is designed to work on a normal RPM range so it can not withstand the temperature rise in the machine if the machine is working too hard.
10 . Stuck In Air Conditioning SystemsIf there is air trapped in the cooling system , the air will hinder the heat transfer from the cooling water to the engine components . This leads to ineffective cooling system dissipates heat engine , causing the engine temperature to rise.
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MAS flight MH370 still communicate for hours after disappearing from radar civilian

Posted by Suwardi lhi on Monday, March 17, 2014

A shocking information came from Malaysia with regard to the loss of aircraft flight number MH370 Malaysia Arlines . Information reveals the fact that the aircraft continues to air for hours after disappearing from the civil radar . The information was submitted by the Prime Minister ( PM ) of Malaysia Najib Razak .
" According to new data , which has been confirmed last communication between the aircraft and the satellite is at 8:11 pm Malaysian time , on Saturday, March 8 . The investigation team is conducting further calculation will indicate how far the aircraft after the last contact , "said Najib .
" It will help us in the search rearrange , " added the neighbor country 's leaders in a press conference as reported by The Star , and quoted Saturday ( 15/03/2014 ) .
" Due to the type of satellite data , we can not ascertain the exact location of aircraft when the last time you make contact with the satellite , " Najib said in front of reporters .
" But based on the new data , the Malaysian aviation authorities and international colleagues have ensured that the last communication with the plane satellites are in one of two aircraft movement corridors , " said Najib .
The second corridor is moving north corridor from Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan borders Thailand to the north , or south corridors moving from Indonesia to the southern Indian Ocean . Search operations are now going to be focused on the two corridors .
Certainly lost accidental
Relating to reveal the latest information , the Boeing 777-200 Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 370 is believed to maneuver altitude and direction drastically after disappearing from the civil radar . That raises questions about the possibility of piracy on the plane with 239 people on board it .
" The more difficult to rule out allegations of deliberate action by someone in the incident , " wrote CNN quoted one U.S. official involved in the investigation .
It 's also likely to be the alleged leaders of Malaysia . Prime Minister Najib Razak on Saturday ( 15/03/2014 ) , said that the aircraft communication system was accidentally turned off before the plane disappeared a week ago . But he did not confirm that the plane had been hijacked .
The latest satellite communication with MH 370 flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing occurred more than six hours after the plane disappeared from radar civilian , at 1:30 am on March 8, 2014 , Najib Razak said in a press conference in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday .
" The movement of aircraft changed direction and crossed back to the Malay Peninsula Indian Ocean is a deliberate act by someone on the plane , " said Najib .
" Although many media reports which said that the plane was hijacked , I want to clarify that we are still investigating all possible causes for the MH370 to deviate from its original flight path , " he added .
Najib said that what he says is based on new information from satellite contact with the aircraft and military radar data .
The data mentioned " with a high degree of accuracy " that the two aircraft 's automated communication systems - Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System ( ACARS ) and transponders - shut down one by one before the plane flew over the South China Sea where it disappeared from the civil radar .
The plane then reversed course and flew to the west over the Malay Peninsula before turning to the northwest . The last communication between the aircraft and satellite occurred at 08:11 local time .
According to the analysis of the data cited by CNN , the possibility of missing or crashed plane around the Bay of Bengal or somewhere in the Indian Ocean .
Meanwhile , based on the investigation , Prime Minister Najib revealed that the plane was in one of two geographic corridor , the northern corridor that stretches from northern Thailand to the border of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan , and the southern corridor that stretches from Indonesia to the southern Indian Ocean .
The analysis conducted by the United States and the government of Malaysia has narrowed the search area . Based on analysis of radar data and satellite ping indicates that the plane was diverted to the west , in the Malay peninsula , and then flew to the northwest towards the Bay of Bengal or Indian Ocean to the southwest .
Although the reason is unknown , but in general , the data leads to the supposition that there is someone who controls the plane and intentionally deflect him .
Whether it was an act of terrorism ? So far no party has claimed responsibility . Najib did not give confirmation of this allegation . Clearly , the investigation found that the MH 370 flight on a strange path . And the line was chosen deliberately by someone on the plane . Accompaniment of prayers may soon open the curtain loss MAS MH370
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What Happens If Your Car's Oil Never Replaced ?

Posted by Suwardi lhi on Friday, March 7, 2014

Please note the lubricating oil of your car . Oil is a lubricant that is very important for the engine , which can prevent the damage caused by the friction between the metal parts with each other . For example , lubricate the piston as it moves up and down inside the cylinder .Without oil , the heat caused by friction between the metal components will be very high up to the surface as if welded and fused to make the machine no longer be able to operate . And if your car engine has sufficient oil but never replace it , it can be ascertained that the following two things will happen :

Impurities in the oil will accumulate . Filter oil filter will be for a while , but once beyond the ability to filter , then the filter will be clogged and dirty oil will automatically cut off the path to filter through the relief valve . The impurities contained in the oil quite rough so can cause wear and tear on the components rub its path .

Additives in oil such as detergents, dispersants , anti- rust and friction dampers will continue to weaken , so the oil lubrication function no longer works as it should .

The longer the oil will become increasingly dirty and lubrication function will decrease , while the components will increasingly wear rub , until the machine will stop working . But this will not happen instantly when you forget to do regular oil changes . Car engines are generally able to run through it in a long time or thousands of kilometers before eventually destroyed.

To make the concern , replace the oil in your car on a regular basis in accordance with the recommendation of the recommended factory or your car guide book . That way you will not only extend the life of your car's engine , but also maintain the selling price again .
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Know How Car Cooling Systems Work

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Everyone wishes to have a car that is good and well maintained . For that you need to read this article . The car's engine is designed to operate at temperatures high enough , but not without limits . The ideal temperature in which the engine works efficiently is around 93 degrees Celsius . If the temperature exceeds the ideal , then at some point moving metal components can be softened or even melted to blend with other components . This will cause a variety of problems internal to the machine that will make the cost of repairs to swell .Fortunately modern cars are equipped with an intelligent cooling system . To maintain the machine in order to remain in constant at the ideal temperature , then cooling system not only prevent overheating ( too hot ) , but also prevents the engine temperature decreases . Because if the machine works at low temperature or cold , vibration and pollution it produces even higher .Circulation driven cooling water pump that sends coolant to the engine block , where the liquid flows through channels around the cylinder , then back through the line that passes through the cylinder head . The thermostat is located in the section where the fluid leaves the engine . If the thermostat is closed , the fluid flows back to the water pump . And if the thermostat in the open condition , the fluid flows into the radiator first, then go back to the water pump .
How Car Cooling Systems Work
The radiator is the main reservoir and the liquid cooled . In modern cars , generally radiator terbut of aluminum and has a grille as the wind flow path . Process cooling radiator cooling fan is supported by the work .Fluid flow between the radiator and the engine is regulated by thermostat . In the cold then the thermostat will shut down the engine to speed up the heating process reaches the ideal temperature . At temperatures around 91 degrees Celsius , the thermostat will start to open and allow fluid to flow into the radiator to be cooled . Once the temperature reaches about 103 degrees Celsius , then the thermostat will be fully open and allowing more fluid to flow into the radiator so that the cooling process is more quickly achieved .As with the thermostat , Cooling fan also needs to be controlled to maintain a constant temperature in a state machine . It's just the way it works is determined by the position of the engine , which means the car with rear wheel traction engines generally use a fan , where the fan works based on the spin machine . While the car to pull forward using an electric fan , which is controlled by the working fan thermostatic switch or computer machine . Electric fan will spin when it reaches a predetermined temperature , and stopped again when the temperature is below .Besides, who also plays an important role in the cooling process is Close Radiator . This cap serves to release the pressure generated when the coolant reaches boiling point . When the pressure reaches approximately 15 psi , the spring on the radiator cap will be pushed up to stretchable heat and let the liquid flow toward the reservoir while . This process allows the air that builds up in the cooling system out . And when the radiator temperature decreases , the fluid in the reservoir will be sucked back into the radiator to re- circulate .A little bit about the basic concepts of the engine cooling process . Because the temperature in the combustion chamber machine can reach about 2,500 degrees Celsius , it can be imagined how vital a role the cooling system in your car engine .
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Check the cooling system of your car on a regular basis

Posted by Suwardi lhi on Thursday, March 6, 2014

To avoid overheating in your car , need a car cooling system maintenance is done periodically
The cooling system is one of the components that need to be checked regularly in the work of a tune up , because if it does not work perfectly will cause the air temperature is high , causing the car overheating . What should be checked on the cooling system :

1 . Check the cooling water system

• Consider whether the water level in the radiator enough or less . Check the water level in the reservoir tank ( reserve tank ) .

• Consider whether the water in the reserve tank runs out in two or three days . If yes , there may be a leak sealer from damage , rupture of the radiator hose , or a leaking water pump .

2 . Check the cooling water

• Pay attention to the quality of the cooling water . Do it when the car engine in cold conditions .

• Good condition of cooling water is clean , no rust yellow because dirt / oil mixtures and other impurities . Cooling water in a dirty state should be discarded .

• If the cooling water is found mixed with oil it indicates no such damage occurring cracks in the cylinder head , ported heads damaged or corrosion on the cylinder head . In such circumstances usually be high engine temperature .

3 . Check for leaks in the cooling system

• Damage to the radiator could be the loss or absence of lead connector holes on the radiator pipe that will cause water droplets

• Leaks in the cooling system can be caused also by the radiator hose is not installed properly because the clamps are loose or faulty water pump

• In the event of extremely high engine temperatures rise suddenly it was caused by a water plug / stopper is broken . It could also kareba damaged thermostat .

• Check also whether there is a damaged radiator cap rubber sealernya or spigot . Because if it is damaged , it can cause the water quickly drains the radiator so the heat can damage the engine temperature .

. Check the water pump coolant leakages .
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If the car engine suddenly died

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You do not need to panic , looking for a safe parking spot and immediately check the power generation systems and do repairs .Have you ever been confused by your car's sudden deathin various conditions . And then you 're of no interest andin a hurry .In general , the problem machine suddenly diedexisting power plants in the system . Immediately check and do repairs .
Here is the problem and its causes in sudden engine conditionsarrived dead :

Engine suddenly died when the engine is still cold . The cause :
Carburetor adjustment when the load is less precise without causing the engine suddenly died before warming is complete .
There is a blockage or dirt in the fuel system such as the pipeline , filter , tank and carburetor .
An interruption in the ignition system is the platinum and
resistor .
Engine suddenly died at the time it is being heated due to congestion choke in the closed position when the engine is hot and the fuel mixture becomes too rich .
Engine suddenly died when the car in low speed .
The cause :
Damage to the fuel pump
Overheating engine
There are impurities that clog the needle valve so that the position of a float carburetor float too high / kaburator flooding .
Carburetor adjustment when the load is less precise without
Engine suddenly died after a car traveling at high speed
cause blockage of water vapor in the fuel line system so that the engine is too hot . Immediately check the fuel lines and fuel use with the appropriate octane for your car . It is more expensive , but it will make your car engine to be good .
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